Best Customizable Lock-screen theme for Xiaomi MIUI Theme

Best Lock screen Theme with customizable style Xiaomi theme
Get the Best customizable Lock screen theme with multiple clocks and widgets and Live animated effects Xiaomi MIUI 12 theme for Redmi and POCO devices. Here you will find a variety of themes that include multiple widgets and live animated wallpapers, while many MIUI 12 themes have more than one clock style and stylish lock screen control centers for Xiaomi themes.

We've filtered (sort out) the best customizable themes for MIUI 12 and MIUI 12.5 users from the official store and all the popular creators, Since the global developer is making an awesome, creative theme for your Xiaomi devices, in the Xiaomi theme store, there are many customizable themes available but most of the themes are not perfect or can't fulfill our requirements, As a result, we were forced to not include many themes Although those themes have best customizable lock screen though.

Below is the best Xiaomi themes list, you can get high-quality lock screens and a lot of animation variety that you can customize as you wish. Most of the themes are inspired by modern trends and modern styles. most and the themes' lock screens are fully customizable and their color and icons can be changed according to you.

Xiaomi MIUI themes Watch Now
Xiaomi Theme Electron - modern lock-screen style
Xiaomi Theme Hello White v12 - Customizable Lock screen with variety of clocks style and Live animated lock screen effects

Xiaomi Theme Refresh UI MIUI Theme's Customized lock screen widgets and multiple after effecte like wallpaper zoom, Dark mode, Shake them song Xiaomi theme

Xiaomi Theme Future UI MIUI theme | Best animated lock screen with multiple clock style and widgets MIUI 12 theme

Xiaomi Theme Lighter MIUI theme | Best lock screen with many more widgets,clocks style and custom charging animations

Xiaomi Theme Pure2 Pro Theme, Multiple lock screen style, and modern icon pack MIUI theme

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