ROG mod v12 MIUI Theme, Animated Dark lock screen Xiaomi theme

Modern ROG mod v12 theme with animated lock screen and control center

Animated dark lock screen with modern looking icons and MIUI control center look premium, ROG mod v12 MIUI 12 theme for Xiaomi devices, Hello MIUI Fans, Xiaomi was one of the best smartphone manufacturers who very well adopted themes, Xi Theme app is one of the best personalization theme stores for Xiaomi theme users, Which will help you to download and install any High-quality Redmi and Poco Xiaomi MIUI theme. We have presented the best-picked themes from the official Redmi theme store in our Xi Themes app. Redmi (Xiaomi) theme is available in our app for all types of users, E.g old MIUI 11 or MIUI 12 and new MIUI 13 users.

19.2MB Size
MIUI 12.5
What's new ✓ Dark Mode is not available

About Theme

ROG mod v12 MIUI Theme was a great MIUI 12 and MIUI 12.5 theme, Most attractive part of the theme is the Animated Modern lock screen and the app icons with cool miui 11 and miui 12 control center, the notification panel look beautifully clean and ROG mod v12 theme's apps icons are unique professional, and look premium, modern lock screen animations with black & Red color combination and Settings apps style look premium, and dialer(Phone), and Messages apps style based on ROG MOD mobile style other MIUI apps like Contact, and Volume panels have a similar layout which makes Xiaomi theme perfect. If you love changing Mi mobile themes and want a different look on your device every time then just download ROG mod v12 MIUI 12 and 12.5 themes on your Xiaomi Redmi device running MIUI 12 and MIUI 12.5 with an official Theme Store Link.

ROG mod v12 Theme HighLight
  • The main highlight is the Animated lock screen with modern apps icons and a control center
  • The State-Bar - No change. (Battery icon, cell towers, etc)
  • Control Panel - 7.9/10 ⭐
  • Notification bar - No changes
  • No - animated icon pack.
  • Yes - the animation lock screen is available.
  • Settings style, Phone app, Messaging app style changes.
Available Downloads
Xiaomi MIUI themes Watch Now

If you're using any Xiaomi device running MIUI custom skin, you will know that there are plenty of custom themes available in the official MIUI theme store. Since the global developer is making an excellent, creative theme for your devices, if you find one of them, then you are a very lucky guy but if you can't find them then we will find them for you, through this app we are trying to post BEST Redmi and POCO theme collection which you don't usually see in officially Xiaomi Theme stores.

After using the Xiaomi brand mobile, Most of the rooted users forgot about manual customizing their OS because Xiaomi provides the most premium flagship UI design on their OS (MIUI) and Xiaomi has the best MIUI-theme store, all themes are Ads free and absolutely free, Means you can download ROG mod v12 theme any time anywhere, and if you want to use any particular item or features of the ROG mod v12 theme then you can choose that part and use it without any problem, that's why we love trying new themes or multiple MIUI theme on your Xiaomi device a the same time. and if you want a different look over your regular MIUI, then just download this ROG mod v12 MIUI 12 theme from this Xiaomi Theme Store, Most of the available themes are compatible with MIUI 11, MIUI 12, MIUI 12.5, and the newly released MIUI 13 with the official download link of MIUI Theme Store.


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Your download will start immediately. If not, please click here to Download it Now. If the Download Link is not opening in your Theme app problem solved, watch the guide video Watch Now.

How to Download Theme From

While searching best Xiaomi theme you can find the Redmi theme download link that looks like but the link not working or you can not open this link in your Xiaomi theme app, watch the youtube video and fix this problem.

How to Install Mtz themes on Xiaomi Devices using MIUI Theme Editor -

  • Download the ".mtz" theme file of that theme
  • Install MIUI Theme editor from Google Play Store then Open the app
  • Now select the Browse option and choose the ".mtz" file path(Folder Location)
  • Select the Start option
  • Select the Next, Next
  • choose the file name then finish then click the install option will appear in the center of that theme. Select the Install option
  • Now all Finish.
The theme has been successfully installed. Now, go to the Theme Store and you will see the third-party theme you installed

Install Third-Party MIUI Themes on Custom MIUI Roms

If you are using custom MIUI 10 or MIUI 11 or MIUI 12 or MIUI 12.5 or MIUI 13 Roms, you can also use this third-party theme. You can easily install this MIUI 11 theme ".mtz" without visiting any official theme store link. Custom MIUI Roms allows third-party themes to get installed and the option is enabled by default. Here is how you can install -

  • Open your theme app
  • Select the Themes option or profile tab
  • you will see an option Import. Click on it
  • Select the file manager and locate the ".mtz" file
  • Wait until it imports the theme and then the theme will appear there
  • Now click on the theme to apply it
  • Restart your device after applying the theme if anything is overlapping or not visible properly. This theme has been used successfully on Redmi Note 11 Pro, POCO M2 Pro, and Note 10 Pro and it's working perfectly without any problems.
  • I will suggest you for a better experience, you should download the theme from the official store of Xiaomi (Theme app).
Get all MIUI updates and news about Xiaomi Smartphones. Even we will share exclusive themes and unreleased Mtz theme files and documents absolutely free only on -
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Secure Theme by Xiaomi

This app passed the security test for viruses from Xiaomi official theme admin teams, malware, and other malicious attacks and doesn't contain any threats.


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